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South Carolina Fire Ants Build an Island to Escape Flooding [VIDEO]

fire ants build an island

Fire ants have an incredible survival instinct, epitomized when they built an island to escape the flooding in South Carolina.

Anyone who has ever inadvertently stepped in or even near a fire ant mound knows just how fiercely they will fight to defend their home and save their fellow ants.

It’s no surprise that the survival instincts of these tiny creatures is through the roof but you’ll still be amazed when you see what they do to survive a flood.

Filmed in South Carolina by WSAV photojournalist Chris Murray, the footage shows how the fire ants were able to build an island to float on top of the water and apparently live through the flooding that has devastated much of the eastern coast.

All I can think about when I watch this is the poor soul wading through the flood waters only to suddenly become an unwilling island for the fire ants to set up home on. Hopefully for everyone, they can find somewhere dry and very out of the way soon.

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South Carolina Fire Ants Build an Island to Escape Flooding [VIDEO]