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South Carolina Angler Lands 13-Foot (Average-Sized) Tiger Shark [PICS]

All photos via Fox Carolina

Those recreating off the coast of the Carolinas this summer have seen plenty of news about sharks. And now a South Carolina angler has landed a 13-foot tiger shark a mile off the beach.

Joe Morris landed the 13-foot tiger shark off Folly Beach this past weekend. Morris reported he was fishing near the washout at Folly Beach when he hooked into the beast. He also said it took the help of two of his companions to land the huge fish.

This particular shark was estimated by Morris at 800 pounds, which is no small shark. The length and weight of this fish are fairly common, and since the tiger is a very nomadic type of shark, its presence in waters off the South Carolina coast isn’t a surprise.


This shark has some pretty nasty jaws. And with the fears that have been circulating this summer around our coastal areas, people are talking about it. But this shark is really a fairly average specimen.

Morris stated that he’s already caught several sharks this season, with each of them weighing in at several hundred pounds apiece. He also stated that he’d caught a 400-pound specimen just before the 800-pound tiger. In the past, he also admitted to catching at least three sharks in excess of 1,000 pounds.

The shark was obviously killed, and it isn’t clear if it was for food or for trophy. So I won’t guess as to why it wasn’t released. Most recreational anglers utilize catch and release techniques on most of what they target these days, so without additional information it would be a mistake to jump to conclusions as to Morris’s intentions.


While shark attacks or bites are rare on humans, the tiger shark is responsible for a large percentage of fatal shark bites. It is also considered one of the most dangerous species.

So it’s probably safe to assume that many coastal residents won’t give these sharks a lot of slack, or sympathy – whether people, like those of us who find beauty in many deadly creatures, like it or not.

All photos via Fox Carolina

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South Carolina Angler Lands 13-Foot (Average-Sized) Tiger Shark [PICS]