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South African Golfer Killed by Crocodile

South African Golfer

You will never believe what got this South African golfer killed.

South African golfer Jacques van der Sandt was attacked and killed by a crocodile in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday.

Van der Sandt, 29, was in Kruger National Park and was in the process of retrieving golf balls from a dam known as Lake Panic in the country’s first national park when the crocodile attacked.

Officials at the park stated that Van der Sandt was at a golf course near a staff residential area inside the park boundaries when he was grabbed by the crocodile and trapped in its jaws. The crocodile then disappeared under the water. Park rangers were able to hunt and kill the crocodile within two hours and successfully recover Van der Sandt’s body.

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Oubaas Coetzer, a police officer, said that the South African golfer was playing a game with a friend at the time of the attack. The game that Van der Sandt was playing? Who can retrieve the most golf balls from the dam.

That makes it a very unfortunate situation that could have easily been avoided had the golfer simply stuck to golfing. But, apparently that wasn’t quite thrilling enough.

Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to future park goers: stay on the greens and out of the crocodile-infested waters.

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South African Golfer Killed by Crocodile