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South African Brothers Charged in Illegal Rhino Hunting Scheme

Rhino hunting expedition

African brothers sold illegal rhino hunting expeditions to U.S. hunters.

South African brothers, Dawie and Janneman Groenewald, allegedly sold rhino hunting trips with their outfitting company, Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris, to unsuspecting American big game hunters. The Groenwalds duped at least nine hunters into going to Africa to hunt rhinos on their ranch. The brothers would frequent big game conventions and sportsmen shows advertising their illegal outfit.

The brothers would then take the horns off the hunted rhinos and sell them for profit on the Asian black market. Officials say rhino horns are incredibly valuable. They can be sold for over $35,000, making this illegal business worth the risk for many African poachers.

The brothers face charges that include conspiracy, mail fraud, money laundering and violating the Lacey Act, which is a federal anti-poaching law.

Alabama will be the first state to indict them due to money laundering.

Not only did they break South African laws, but they laundered their ill-gotten gains through our banks here in Alabama. We will not allow United States citizens to be used as a tool to destroy a species that is virtually harmless to people or other animals.

Rhinos are a critically endangered species. Some varieties have fewer than 100 individuals in their population. Unfortunately, rhino hunting is still quite popular and, in 2013, there were over 1,000 rhinos that were illegally killed by poachers.

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South African Brothers Charged in Illegal Rhino Hunting Scheme