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South African Angler Reels In Record-Size Giant Guitarfish

GrindTV/Dean Reddy

This Guitarfish will “smash the world record by miles.”

Dean Reddy recently caught a Guitarfish estimated to weigh a whopping 196 pounds, which is substantially heavier than the world record caught back in 1995 in Seychelles weighing 119 pounds, according to the International Game Fish Association.

He fished in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa using a whole mackerel, and over 2,000 feet of 50-pound-test braided line was stripped during the two-hour battle.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Reddy previously reeled in an even bigger monster weighing in at an estimated 273 pounds, seen in the picture below, and is recognized as the South African record.

Reddy uses a time-tested tape-measurement formula to estimate the weight of both Guitarfish, and even if he was slighty off in his calculations, Reddy says, “It does smash the record by miles.”

GrindTV/Dean Reddy


Reddy tags and releases the all Guitarfish he reels in, like both of these record breakers, and is affiliated with South Africa’s Oceanographic Research Institute, but has never applied for the IFGA world record.

Guitarfish are members of the ray family, though they do resemble sharks through many of their similarities. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has listed the Guitarfish as vulnerable, so Reddy’s catch-and-release method of fishing is honorable.

Reddy says, “They are pound-for-pound one of the strongest-fighting flat fish. Great fun to target, but hard work.”

The IGFA requires fish to be weighed on a particular scale to be considered for this category record, and Reddy has started to show interest in learning more for his future record breaking catches.


H/T GrindTV

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South African Angler Reels In Record-Size Giant Guitarfish