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South African Airways Lifts Trophy Ban

South African Airways

South African Airways will once again allow the transportation of hunting trophies on its flights.

Since April 21, 2015 South African Airways (SAA) joined numerous other companies in the banning of the transportation of all hunting trophies. Effective since July 20, 2015 they have decided to lift the embargo and allow most hunting trophies on their flights.

SAA originally instituted the ban after they were fined for shipping hunting trophies to Australia in containers mislabeled "Mechanical Equipment."

Lerato Mopethe, the Manager for Compliance and Foreign Operations for South African Airways, released a letter on their new cargo policy stating:

Since the placement of the embargo SAA Cargo has been engaging with the Department of Environmental Affairs(DEA) on the issue. We have decided to review the embargo after the DEA have given us assurance that additional measures will be put in place to ensure compliance with all the required permits and documentation. Further note that all such trophies shall be liable for physical and documentary inspection by the relevant nature conservation authorities as they deem fit.

The airline shall accept no liability for any damage or delay occasioned by such inspections, verification of documentation or any other action deemed necessary by the relevant authorities in South Africa or anywhere such trophies are transhipped or destined.

As of now, the only trophies allowed will be elephant, rhino, lion, and tiger. There has been no word on whether they will allow other exotic trophies to be shipped through their airline.

Hunters, guides, and hunting farms across Africa are rejoicing at the decision of South African Airways.

The numerous hunting businesses in Africa have taken a hard hit as of late with so many airlines banning the transportation of trophies. They are hoping this will help in the return of hunters looking to pursue game on these exotic hunts.

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South African Airways Lifts Trophy Ban