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South Africa Guinea Fowl Pest Control with an Air Rifle [VIDEO]

South Africa Guinea Fowl Pest Control With an Air Rifle

Here’s a video of some guinea fowl pest control in South Africa with an air rifle. These birds are very common and can severely damage crops if left uncontrolled.

The owners of this horse farm in South Africa were having some significant problems with hundreds of guinea fowl, pigeons, and geese eating their horse feed. All three of these birds, especially guinea fowl, are incredibly common in South Africa and can consume a significant amount of food if their numbers are left unchecked (similar to ground squirrels in some parts of the USA).

In response to the problems they were having, they gave permission to this guy to do some pest control with his air rifle. As you can see, he really knows how to shoot and makes some pretty cool shots on a few guinea fowl and pigeon in this video.

He was using an Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter air rifle, which was a great choice for shooting guinea fowl, pigeon, and geese. This air rifle is powerful enough to ethically shoot any of these birds out to 50-75 yards without causing excessive damage to their meat. Additionally, an air rifle is much quieter and much less likely to cause injury or damage to an unintended target than any conventional firearm.

An added bonus of shooting guinea fowl is that they are pretty tasty. In addition to helping out his friend with their bird population problem, he also gets some free guinea fowl meat. That’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever heard one!

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South Africa Guinea Fowl Pest Control with an Air Rifle [VIDEO]