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Watch One Shark Bite While His Buddy Takes Flight [VIDEO]

Is this a case of shark bite or shark flight?

Here area couple of sharks that have different priorities. One is trying to show off while his buddy is eating lunch.

Great white sharks can and will breach, so if you find yourself in a boat in Mossel Bay, South Africa make sure you have your camera ready.

Right when you thought you were watching a shark bite some bait tied to a rope, out pops another one doing aerobatics in the background.

Sharks are incredible leapers and have been known to launch themselves five feet out of the water to catch prey.

Was it just me, or was the first one growling like a pit bull while it mauled the bait?

Yeah, sharks weren’t scary enough, but now they sound angry, too.

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Watch One Shark Bite While His Buddy Takes Flight [VIDEO]