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Sometimes a Stuck Buck Needs a Hammock Haircut [VIDEO]

Is this a case of a stuck buck or is this little deer just patiently getting a new hairdo?

Well, we're not ready to say that we've seen it all yet, but this whitetail has gotten himself into a strange predicament and he's going to need some help getting out of it.

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How do you free a wild animal that's caught in your hammock?

Very carefully indeed.


This little stuck buck was wiped out from trying to free itself from that hammock. It's amazing that the deer seemed to know that the human was trying to help him.

Was it just me or did the deer settle down and just let that guy cut him loose? Maybe it was fatigue, but instinct is real. Wild animals know when they're in danger and when they're not.

Good thing for that deer that those guys were there to help, but taking matters into your own hands can be tricky. A wild whitetail buck -even fatigued- can be a very dangerous thing. When in doubt, contact your local environmental conservation officer as they are well-trained in the handling of wild animals.


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Sometimes a Stuck Buck Needs a Hammock Haircut [VIDEO]