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Something for Every Kind of Outdoor Dad There Is [PICS]

Need some fresh ideas for a gift to give your outdoor dad? No matter what he’s into, this should help.

Whether your father hunts geese, fishes for stripers, collects handguns or plans to hike the PCT, June 21 is as good a day as any to reward them with a gift that lets them know how much you appreciate them, and gets them into the great outdoors in the process.

Find the idea that will award dad with the best gift of the year, then go spend some time with him in the great outdoors.

The Every-Year Deer Guy

The Tenzing TC1500 Day Pack is likely the last one he’ll ever need. With room to carry a rifle or bow, a fold out rain cover, and space for a 3-liter hydration pack, the TC1500 can do it all.


The Fly Fishing Nostalgist

Score the classic look and some advanced technology with Columbia’s PFG AirGill Lite II shirt. Your dad will look the part and stay cool with the quick drying material and sophisticated air vents along the sides.



The Weekend Hiker

The Weekend Hiking Dad needs four legs instead of two. Buy him a pair of Leki Cristallo Antishock Trekking Poles. Your dad will be adding miles to his hikes in no time.


The Bass Slaying Bruiser

Enhance your father’s tackle box with this latest addition, a Jackall Pompadour. The topwater lure has metal wings and a prop blade that help create the ultimate disturbance, driving the bass wild in the process.


The Techno Junkie

The newly release GoPro HERO+ LCD brings so many awesome camera capabilities down to Earth with a reasonable price tag and simple, touchscreen use. Plus, dad can instantly share his latest footage with the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth features.


The Gotta-Have-It Gun Owner

Glock’s new G43 single stack 9mm is the most recent “next big thing” to hit the market from the famous gun company, and it’s already seeing positive feedback.


The Wild Game Chef

When your dad is out by the grill making venison burgers, he needs to look great while doing so. What makes a chef look more professional than an apron? What about Cabela’s Realtree XTRA Camo Apron?


The Duck Hunting Fool

The buzz among duck hunters is the appeal of MOJO decoys, like these teal fakes, and for good reason. It’s been proven that mallards, gadwall, teal, pintails, divers and other ducks are attracted to faster spinning wings, and these decoys double the typical speed.


The Camping Enthusiast

Every dad needs a throne. The Camping Enthusiast Dad needs his campfire throne. Look no further than a Lafuma Futura Clipper Mesh Chair. These chairs are the most comfortable camping chairs on the market.


The Dad of the Year

If you really want to go all out, because dad flat out deserves it, check out the brand new Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS side by side. Touted as the world’s most off-road capable adventure machine, you can’t go wrong with a Father’s Day gift like this one.


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Something for Every Kind of Outdoor Dad There Is [PICS]