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Every Fisherman’s Reaction When Someone’s in His Secret Spot

What would you do if you found out someone else was in your favorite fishing spot?

Have you ever been scanning social media only to find a picture of someone holding a lunker in a fishing spot you thought only you knew? That’s exactly what happened to this guy.

Instead of complaining, he does something about it. Watch the video to learn what that is.

Apparently, this guy is planning on out-fishing the intruder at which point he will say something like, “That’s how it’s done, BRO!”

This isn’t the first case of fisherman fighting over their favorite fishing spot and I’m sure it won’t be the last. However, sportsmen and women need to stick together and praise each other’s good fortune rather than attacking someone else’s success.

If you have a secret fishing spot that’s open to the public, or even a few buddies, remember the old saying, “Loose lips sink ships.” and keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you could wind up like the guy in the video.



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Every Fisherman’s Reaction When Someone’s in His Secret Spot