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Someone Paid $305,000 for a Montana Bighorn Sheep License

bighorn sheep
Travis Smola

Think you put too much money into your hunting obsession? 

Someone else has you beat with their license fee alone!

There's 5,000 bighorn sheep in Montana, but Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks uses a lottery to dole out just 150 bighorn sheep licenses to Montana hunters each year.

And while your odds of getting a license are better than winning the Powerball lottery, the odds still aren't good with a less than 1% chance.

So what can you do to tip the odds back in your favor for a Montana bighorn sheep hunt? Why, simply win an auction by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for a single license they offer every year. But you'd better have deep pocketbooks. is reporting this year's lucky hunter won the auction for a single bighorn sheep license for a staggering $305,000!

What's even crazier is that this year's lucky hunter is actually getting a discount based off what winners paid in previous years. The license has gone for $15,000 more the past couple years.

But it's 2013 that really takes the cake. Douglas Leech paid an astounding $480,000 for the coveted license that year.

The good news is the money from these outrageous auctions goes to a good place. KRTV reports 90% of the funds from this year's license auction will go to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to be used in sheep conservation efforts.

What do you think? Just how much would you be willing to pay for the opportunity for your dream hunt?


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Someone Paid $305,000 for a Montana Bighorn Sheep License