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Someone May Have Caught a Three-Eyed Fish in New York City

three-eyed fish

This three-eyed fish was allegedly pulled out of New York's Gowanus Canal.

Back in 1990, Bart Simpson caught a three-eyed fish named Blinky in a classic episode of the Simpsons. The mutant fish was the result of nuclear waste pollution from Springfield's nuclear power plant.

While that may have been a joke on the show, video has surfaced that appears to show someone caught a real-life Blinky in New York City!

The Gothamist posted the video online along with a little information from the person that sent it in.

"Bunch of people were crowding this dude fishing near Whole Foods on Gowanus," the unnamed source told The Gothamist. "He caught a 3 eyed cat fish. Some lady was flipping out cause he whacked it dead and she said they were trying to preserve the remaining wildlife there or something. It was a crazy scene. He said he was gonna eat it! Crazy."

I'm no ichthyologist, so I can't speak as to the video's authenticity, but it's certainly freaky. The guy who caught it is as crazy as the fish itself if he really planned to eat this thing!

Gowanus Canal is said to be heavily polluted, so I'm sure that's what will be attributed to this odd catch. What do you think? Is this really a three-eyed fish?

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Someone May Have Caught a Three-Eyed Fish in New York City