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Someone Has to Dive for Those Maine Scallops [VIDEO]

This mini documentary shows a man who makes a living by diving for scallops, but how long will this way of life last?

James Sewell has dove for scallops every winter and early spring for the past seven years to support his family and fulfill his fishing legacy.

Sewell harvests the scallops by hand rather than by a boat that drags a net across the ocean floor.

In 2009, Sewell was in a snowmobile accident and lost one of his arms. He thought he was never going to be able to dive again, but less than a year later, Sewell was back at it.

Sewell’s father dug for clams and taught him the trade. He knows the hardships of the job will catch up to him someday, but until then, he will dive just as he always has and believes his daughter may follow in the family footsteps.

A few decades ago, there were tons and tons of fishermen that made a living in Maine. Today, Sewell is one of only 30 active scallop divers left in Maine due to the stressed scallop population.

Sewell’s work represents a way of life that may not last. Only time will tell if the ecosystem has the strength and opportunity to survive.

To read more on Sewell and his regime, click here.

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Someone Has to Dive for Those Maine Scallops [VIDEO]