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Somebody Tie Down These Fishermen Before We Lose One

Here’s several cases of fishermen that either need stickier shoes, or somebody holding onto them. Watch some game anglers get dragged into the drink.

Here’s a case of too much fish and not enough fisherman. These guys are about to find out how strong their quarry is and it’s not going to be pretty.

If you’re going to go after fish that are bigger than you are you’d better be prepared for the possibility that they’re also stronger than you are.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe, but mostly you’ll grab another cold one and enjoy this with the rest of us.

First of all deckhands grabbing the line is normal, but where’s the drag setting on the reels these guys are using? I’m not talking about the poor guys using the cane poles, I’m talking about these big sea charter-looking excursions that are trying to tackle some real fish like marlin and sailfish.

Having said that stuff happens- reels fail, harnesses break, and people make mistakes. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen while you’re attached to a thousand pound marlin that wants to spear you in the face.



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Somebody Tie Down These Fishermen Before We Lose One