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Soldier’s Hysterical Tactical Breach Fail [VIDEO]

In the serious world of tactical entry, this breach fail is quite hysterical.

When a soldier-in-training tries to enter a building, he forgets how wide he really is.

Watch as this big soldier tries to get through a little hole and fails in the most comical way.

Well, that did not go the way it was planned. Luckily, this tactical entry was done during a training and not in actual combat.

The soldiers blow a hole in a small building to gain entry. After the explosion, the soldiers jump through the little man-sized door and into the building.

The second soldier runs into a small problem. He is bigger than the hole with all his gear on and he bounces right off the doorway. The safety officer then erupts into hysterical laughter.

Did this hysterical tactical entry breach fail video make your day, or what?

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Soldier’s Hysterical Tactical Breach Fail [VIDEO]