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Fishing Soldier Rescues a Drowning Woman in Georgia

A soldier rescues woman from drowning after she accidentally drove her car into a pond in Ft. Stewart, Georgia.

Private First Class, Nathan Currie, an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) technician stationed at Fort Stewart, was fishing at Holbrook Pond on Fort Stewart, Georgia when he witnessed a car driving into the pond.

According to the US Army Public Affairs Office, PFC Currie dropped his fishing rod and raced over to the car, which had flipped over with only the tires visible above the muddy water.

After reaching the site of the accident, Currie dove into the water and pulled a woman from the vehicle. She had been under water for several minutes and was turning blue.

Currie then revived her with cardiopulmonary resuscitation until paramedics arrived.

Command Sergeant Major Wylie Hutchison, another soldier assigned to Fort Stewart, arrived shortly after Currie pulled the woman from the vehicle and dove into the water several more times to ensure that nobody else was in the water filled car.

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It’s not clear why the woman drove her car into the pond, whether it was an accident or not, but Currie’s and Hutchison’s actions were commendable and are exactly what are expected out of soldiers in that situation.

Had Currie and Hutichson not been there, the woman very likely would have perished in the snake and alligator infested waters of Holbrook Pond.

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Fishing Soldier Rescues a Drowning Woman in Georgia