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What Does Softball Have To Do With Quail Habitat? [VIDEO]

Here's how to use the softball habitat evaluation technique in your quail hunt.

Dr. Dale Rollins tells us about the Softball Habitat Evaluation Technique (S.H.E.T.). This unique and brilliant approach to quail hunting helps us get a better grasp of how quail habitat should be set up.

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As it turns out softball and quail hunting are quite similar. For example, softballs and quails can travel similar distances in air. Also, distances between defenders in softball is similar to the distances between nests for quail. 

Dr. Dale Rollins was brilliant to create this kind of analogy because it really helps us visualize quail habitat in ways we have never thought of before.

What do you think of this analogy? 

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What Does Softball Have To Do With Quail Habitat? [VIDEO]