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So What Are These Coyotes Doing Exactly?

What Are These Coyotes Up To

The two coyotes in this video are very interested in something. Any idea what it is?

This recent trail camera video shows a couple of coyotes very intently focused on something that was in (or had been in) the grass next to this dirt road. One of the coyotes is intently sniffing the spot then rolling around in it while the other coyote walks up and urinates on the round near the spot.

Watch the video and see if if you have any guesses as to whatever it is that these dogs are so interested in.

According to the guy who posted the video, there was a coyote trap using a coyote gland as a scent lure on this spot a few days prior. Clearly the coyotes could smell what they had thought was another coyote in the area, which explains their fascination with that spot.

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So What Are These Coyotes Doing Exactly?