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Snuggles the Cat Meets Deer [VIDEO]

In less than 90 seconds this brave cat will encounter multiple bucks. Watch as Snuggles the cat meets deer.

This frisky feline lets curiosity win and boldly approaches young bucks that are exponentially larger than her. The way these different species interact with one another is quite remarkable. Perhaps if these velvet-covered bucks were full-on rutting they would have responded to Snuggles more aggressively. As it were, the deer seem quite comfortable in the presence of the cat.

The last 10 seconds are definitely worth the wait. Watch as Snuggles the cat takes the boldest move of all.

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Snuggles is a brave little kitty and luckily, curiosity did not kill the cat. It seems like Snuggles is even ready to pounce and take down that buck laying in the brush in the end.

Snuggles the Mountain Lion should be her new name.

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Snuggles the Cat Meets Deer [VIDEO]