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Snowmobiler Shoots Charging Moose: What Would You Have Done?

A snowmobiler on a forest run is confronted and attacked by a young bull moose, but did he really need to shoot?

That's the question everyone in our office is asking - was this the right decision?

If you're not familiar with moose, they certainly aren't the type of animal you'd want to be in a face-off with in the middle of a snowy forest. Bull moose are notoriously aggressive during the fall mating season, and cow moose are typically more guarded and protective during the late spring/early summer months (which is to be expected as they likely have calves). What you don't usually see though is a moose attack for "no good reason."

When confronted with a moose who is within your path, do not engage with the animal as it may think you are challenging it. In the case of the video below, that is more than likely what the young bull moose was experiencing. Instead, try to divert your path and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. While most large animals you can encounter in the woods would take you running as an invitation to dinner, such is not the case for the moose, and in fact it may end the ordeal all together as they're unlikely to chase you.

Watch the video for yourself to decide what should have happened in this unfortunate situation.

Warning: The video below may be disturbing to some.

We truly wish the person in this video had chosen the path of least resistance and gone another route, or turned around. There's nothing we hate seeing more than a wrongly downed animal and a wasted harvest.

Some would consider this poaching, and many are clamoring for this man (whoever he may be) to face charges. Since we do not know more about where this was taken or whom it was taken by, we'll just have to wait and see if the authorities become involved.


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Snowmobiler Shoots Charging Moose: What Would You Have Done?