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Teens Film Snowboarding Moose Chase, Land Themselves in Big Trouble

Two high school snowboarders were involved in a moose chase down the slopes of ski resort in Montana.

After spotting the moose in the middle of the trail, the boys chased it down, cornered it and lived to tell the tale.

Better yet, they got GoPro footage to tell the tale for them.

Sophomores Hunter Lamoureux and Charlie Rush spotted the moose in the middle of a trail while snowboarding at the Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana. Lamoureux posted the video to his Facebook page.

After being spotted, the moose ran down the ski trail with boys in hot pursuit. Shortly into the chase, the moose turned around, made a charge at the young snowboarders, but tripped and fell into the snow. The video cuts out after that.

Take a look at the video:

Lamoureux recieved a lot of negative comments on his Facebook page after posting the moose chase video.

His response:

Look, the moose was in the middle of the run where it wasn’t supposed to be and we were where we were supposed to be. After waiting for it to move, it didn’t. So we finished out our run trying to slip past it. And the moose kept running. We were just trying to have fun, and the moose was not hurt at all in the process. Even though we should’ve left it alone due to the danger of the animal.

Lamoureux’s right in that moose are dangerous animals. A moose chase is definitely not the smartest idea, considering how dangerous they can be when they feel threatened.

In the future, stick to snowboarding boys, and leave the wildlife alone.

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Teens Film Snowboarding Moose Chase, Land Themselves in Big Trouble