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Sniper Testing: Firing Shots off Between Heartbeats [VIDEO]

Marine snipers are taught to shoot between heartbeats, but is it actually possible?

The snipers of the Marine Corps are some of the best in the world. They are put through rigorous training to hold true to their motto, “One shot, One kill.” 

To improve accuracy, Marines are taught to shoot between the beats of their heart, but can they actually do it?

One of National Geographic’s most popular shows, “Fight Science: Ultimate Soldiers,” decided to put this claim to the test. They found one of the Marine’s top snipers, who would not be identified, to take on the challenge.

They even up the stakes by putting him under extreme heat to make his heart beat faster. Can he do it?

It is truly amazing that even under such stress, the Marine was still able to control his heartbeat like that. This is why they are the top snipers and some of the most terrifyingly accurate shooters in the world.

This is a great tip for the average Joe as well. If you could teach yourself to time your heartbeats before firing you could greatly improve your accuracy in the prone position.

Really makes me want to find out what other secrets they are taught for better accuracy. Hopefully more videos like this will be made for us to find out.

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Sniper Testing: Firing Shots off Between Heartbeats [VIDEO]