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How to Snell a Hook [VIDEO]

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tie a snell knot? It’s very easy and a must know for all fishermen.

If you are serious when it comes to fishing, having a secure knot on your hook is essential for successfully catching fish.

This video demonstrates the proper way to tie a snell knot, which could enable you to put more fish in the livewell.

Whether you are fishing for redfish on the coast or channel catfish at a stock pond, the snell knot can be utilized for several different species.

While most of your common knots apply pressure to the eye of the hook, the snell knot is tied directly to the shaft. This allows the fisherman to feel a bite in deep water, which gives the opportunity for a more efficient hook set.

Ideal for tying a leader to a circle hook, the snell knot becomes stronger as it gets more resistance. The combination of strength and efficiency makes snelling a hook essential for all fisherman.

Next time you go fishing, give it a try.

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How to Snell a Hook [VIDEO]