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A Sneak Peek at the New Daniel Defense 7.62 [VIDEO]

Daniel Defense brings you their latest firearm, the 7.62 model. 

As you can see in this sneak peek at the Daniel Defense 7.62, this gun has gone through some rigorous amours of testing.

Check out this heart-pounding footage of shooters testing the Daniel Defense 7.62 for accuracy, fire-rate, and handling.

This weapon is truly groundbreaking, as a decade's worth of ingenuity and craftsmanship at Daniel Defense were brought to the table when developing this firearm.

Engineers at Daniel Defense have been hard at work developing increased range and terminal ballistics for the 7.62x51 mm NATO cartridge. As this footage illustrates, the Daniel Defense 7.62 is a force to be reckoned with.

Get ready for the Daniel Defense 7.62 because, "After 10,000 rounds of live fire, the release date draws near."

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A Sneak Peek at the New Daniel Defense 7.62 [VIDEO]