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Is That a Snake on the Wall? No, It's a Climbing Catfish [VIDEO]

BBC Earth

In a dark cavern of Ecuador, scientists noticed something rather strange climbing up the wall of the flowstone cave.

Do you love angling? Do you love hunting? Boy, have we found the species for you.

The video below depicts a small, yet powerful sucking catfish that can climb walls.

Known now as the Flowstone climbing catfish, this little guy was found climbing 10 feet up a cave wall covered in flowing water. The amount of water covering the wall? Only .2 inches thick.

They feed off algae using their massive sucking mouths, and are a part of the armored catfish family. That's right, not only can these dudes climb, they also have bony plates covering their bodies.

Discovering new species finds is fascinating, and this is quite literally a great leap in understanding how fish especially adapt to their environments over hundreds of years.

But listen, it's bad enough we have to contend with spiders falling on our heads randomly. I'll avoid any caves where there may be falling catfish as well.

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Is That a Snake on the Wall? No, It's a Climbing Catfish [VIDEO]