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Place Your Bets: Snake Vs Mongoose, Who Will Win? [VIDEO]

Check out this video of a snake and mongoose filmed in Southern India.

In one of nature’s most astounding and historical hunts as a mongoose proceeds to attack a cobra for a delicious snack.

The YouTube video displaying the ancient battle of “Snake Vs Mongoose” was uploaded by National Geographic and displays the unusual face off of the venomous cobra vs the persistently quick and agile mongoose.

Check out these other epic battle videos:

Venomous creatures are not harmful when eaten; essentially there’s quite a bit of dissimilarity between poison and venom. Poison is administered by ingesting it while venom is injected into the bloodstream with a sting or bite.

Venom basically contains proteins and enzymes, and it’s only dangerous when bitten and injected directly into the bloodstream but it’s not generally harmful when ingested.

A digestive system will simply break the venom down into amino acids much like any other form of proteins. However, an animal with a cut in their mouth or even an ulcer might lead to a very different outcome if an adequate amount of venom gets into the bloodstream.

Have you ever been fortunate enough to see or capture anything astounding like this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Place Your Bets: Snake Vs Mongoose, Who Will Win? [VIDEO]