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Snake Huntin’ Mississippi Style [VIDEO]

hunting for snakes mississippi style

These men take hunting for snakes to a whole new level.

Not everyone is daring enough to go hunting for snakes, but these men show us how its done. They catch these snakes by hand and waist deep in murky waters.

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Safe? Not really. Exhilarating? Definitely.


Hunting for snakes is not for the faint of heart. These snake hunters catch snakes by hand. Once they’ve caught the tail end of the snake, they twirl it around to confuse it.

We don’t recommend you go snake hunting in this manner. Many venomous snakes live in or around water. Always be careful, be prepared with a snake bite kit if necessary, and never interfere with wildlife that you don’t intend on harvesting in full.

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Snake Huntin’ Mississippi Style [VIDEO]