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Snake Bite Kit Saves Turkey Hunter’s Life [VIDEO]

A turkey hunter was bit by a rattlesnake, and if it weren’t for the use of his snake bite kit, doctors told him “You would have died.”

Alabama turkey hunter Chad Cross was out in the woods on a usual hunt when it suddenly took a deadly turn.

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The best way I can describe it is someone taking a full swing with a baseball bat and hitting me in my calf.

A six-foot rattlesnake had bit him…

No one wants to find themselves in a situation such as Chad, getting bit by a rattlesnake probably tops most people’s list of things they would never want to happen in a million years.

Being prepared for such a situation though, could save your life.

Luckily for Chad, he always keeps a snake bite kit handy. A good one won’t cost you much over $15, and let’s just say he got his value out of it. The doctors told him that if he did not have it, he would have died from the snake bite before he even made it to the hospital for anti-venom.

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If you’re hunting in an area that you know venomous snakes have been spotted, another good way to be prepared is to wear snake boots. If Chad had been wearing snake boots, that usually cover your entire calf, he might have prevented a bite entirely.

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Snake Bite Kit Saves Turkey Hunter’s Life [VIDEO]