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Smith & Wesson Tell Us How to Get Started Hunting with a Handgun

hunting with a handgun

If you want to begin hunting with a handgun, Smith & Wesson gives us a few tips on how to get started.

Ever wanted to go hunting with a handgun but didn't know where to start? Smith and Wesson gives us a few quick tips in this video, on the different platforms and calipers available.

Whether you are looking at shooting small game or big game, it's important to know which handgun to use. The video below shares the difference to help you get started.

The video covers three different sizes of game and matches each with a selection of handguns. To get a better idea which gun may be suitable for your needs, their line was broken down into calipers.

The J and K-frame guns that chamber the .22 LR up to the .357 caliper are ideal for small game and varmint hunting. For larger game such as deer, you would want to choose the K or L-Frame revolver in the .357 to .44 Magnum calipers. The .44 Magnum caliper is also available in the N-Frame revolver as well. The X-Frame magnum revolver is available in the .460 S&W and the .500 S&W. These revolvers are suitable for the largest game available up to and including elephant, brown bear and caped buffalo.

For more information on these revolvers, visit the Smith & Wesson website.

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Smith & Wesson Tell Us How to Get Started Hunting with a Handgun