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The Smith & Wesson 617 is One Awesome Revolver [VIDEO]

Marksman and trick shot performer 22Plinkster declares the Smith & Wesson 617 to be one of his “favorite revolvers in the whole entire world.”

That’s high praise from a man who has shot A LOT of guns.

22Plinkster declares the Smith & Wesson 617 to be “one of the finest .22lr double action revolvers on the market.”


22Plinkster gives us a rundown of the gun and shoots a series of different ammunition through it, from high velocity 1640 fps CCI Stingers to low power powderless Super Colibri’s that use the primer alone to propel the bullet.

We also get to see 22Plinkster’s new firing range, which includes an impressive array of steel targets at various distances.

He praises the 617 in several areas, including the quality of construction, “a very, very nice trigger”, and its versatility in firing various ammunition choices.

The only real questionable aspect of the gun that Plinkster mentions is its weight. “This revolver is a little hefty,” he says. “It comes in at just a little over 44 ounces, so if you’re a young shooter, or you’re kind of frail, it wouldn’t be a good choice because it is hard to hold up once you get to about the seventh or eighth shot into it.”

But that’s about the only thing, other than the price (the MSRP is $830), that gives this trick shot wizard pause. “Hundreds of thousands of rounds can be shot out of this revolver, and you’ll probably never, ever have a problem with it,” he declares.

“They shoot straight. They function pretty much flawlessly. You can use pretty much any kind of .22 long rifle or short ammunition in these. They’re just a great all-around revolver.”

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The Smith & Wesson 617 is One Awesome Revolver [VIDEO]