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Smith & Wesson .500 Blows Watermelons to Smithereens [VIDEO]

“I like to eat watermelons. I’ve nothing against watermelons. But, to pursue my endeavor, in finding out what will a .500 Smith and Wesson go through…I had to get watermelons.”

That’s our favorite trick shot artist, 22Plinkster, preparing to rain down some shock and awe upon a row of five innocent-looking watermelons.

Plinkster says he’s got nothing against watermelons, but when he lifts and points that Smith & Wesson .500 hand cannon in their direction, I swear I can see those watermelons shiver just a little bit.

22Plinkster is again using Federal 325 grain ammo travelling at 1,800 fps. He’s guessing that slug will go through three watermelons. What is your guess?

“Let’s let this train leave the station.”

Man, exploding watermelons never gets old!

I like what he says right before firing: “Alright, I’m already gonna say, I’m gonna get wet.”

Then BOOM! And then, “Hoho! GROSS! (chuckle) Yuck…”

The slow motion camera really gives you a look at how devastating a Smith & Wesson .500 is to watermelons. It’s like an exploding firework of sticky sweet watermelon flesh.

Well, the slug went through four melons and entered the fifth, where 22Plinkster digs it out, eating the innards of his kill in the process. Did you guess four?

That’s some fun shooting, folks.

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Smith & Wesson .500 Blows Watermelons to Smithereens [VIDEO]