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Smith & Wesson 500 Blows Two-Liter Soda Bottles to Kingdom Come [VIDEO]

How many two-liter soda bottles can a Smith & Wesson 500 utterly destroy? Put on a raincoat, grab an umbrella, and let’s find out!

Here’s the latest in 22Pinkster’s not-so-scientific research into what and how many of something a Smith & Wesson 500 can go through.

Today he detonates two-liter soda bottles. The question is: how many?

22Plinkster set up ten two-liter bottles of colored soda. A 325-grain bullet traveling at 1,800 fps ought to be enough to make it clear that sugary soft drinks aren’t a healthy dietary choice. How many do you guess it will go through?

But wait! There’s more pain to inflict on big bottles of soda!

Plinkster isn’t satisfied. He sets up more big bottles and brings in something special: a 350-grain round with a Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator bullet. Make sure to make a guess on how many bottles will be blown up before he shoots that second round.

“Now THAT is more like it!” he laughs.

I concur. It was like fireworks made of soda. Bottles blew up and flew into the woods. Even the camera got sprayed.

Total bottles murdered from the Xtreme Penetrator: eight.


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Smith & Wesson 500 Blows Two-Liter Soda Bottles to Kingdom Come [VIDEO]