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Smith and Wesson Victory Pistol Silences the Competition

Victory Pistol

The S & W Victory is an out of the box suppressed weapon that is perfect for competing.

The Victory is a 22LR chambered pistol that has a few features that are pretty important to competition shooters. The pistol comes equipped with iron sights but has interchangeable rear sights.

You can switch from standard rear iron sights, to 1913 optic rails. The addition of a red dot on the 22LR will make for a very accurate pistol. Front sight post is fiber optic.

The barrel comes threaded (which means CA and NY are already ineligible to purchase) and you can toss a suppressor on to the pistol for very quiet shots. Suppressors serve many roles in competition training but can be maintenance heavy. Competition guns need to be super clean and this 22LR pistol can have a lot of gas blow back into the chamber and barrel.

Two standard 10 rd box magazines come with the pistol. The chamber locks open when the last bullet was fired. I would definitely order at least 10 more magazines because 22 goes super fast and your going to want to do mag dumps for sure. The recoil on the Victory is negligible and the groups are fairly small. Seven to 10 yards is a great range for this gun to give you the most muzzle energy from the small cartridge.

Considering you have many different options for 22LR these days you can get heavier and lighter rounds. Thirty to 60 grain bullets are now common place and you can always get them for pennies compared to how much a 5.56 or 7.62 cartridge will run you. Keep training and stay motivated. The Victory pistol will keep you smiling.


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Smith and Wesson Victory Pistol Silences the Competition