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A Smartphone Gun? Don't Butt-Dial with This Thing

Ideal Conceal's new Smartphone gun is changing how we look at self defense. 

Ideal Conceal, a new company whose flagship product is a smartphone gun. Yes, you read that right.

They have created a double barreled derringer with a belt clip so you can feel like Maxwell Smart and look just like a soccer mom or dad getting out of a late meeting. How cool is that?


"Specializing in concealed weaponry, we aim to deliver a high quality handgun that can be deployed very quickly for the defense of you or your family," Ideal Conceal has written on their website. "The idea for Ideal Conceal follows the present-day demand for handguns that people can carry on a day to day basis, in a manner that makes carrying a gun easy to do. From soccer moms to professionals of every type, this gun allows you the option of not being a victim."

What you are getting with this gun is not only something that is totally hidden in plain sight, but it is fairly compact. There is a hammerless firing system that shoots two .380 rounds. The weight of the finished product is still not known since prototypes are not due out until May.


This gun has caused some controversy. Some reports say that all this gun has been created for is to allow criminals an easier way to carry a weapon. However on the other hand, that same criminal could carry a hammer and be just an unnoticed in public but still be just as deadly.

Ideal Conceal has a price listed for retail at $395. For a two shot gun that is only effective at close range, I think I would rather keep my S&W Bodyguard. However, when I showed the smartphone gun to my wife, she asked for it for Christmas.


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A Smartphone Gun? Don't Butt-Dial with This Thing