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Smart Guns are Just Going to Keep Getting Smarter [VIDEO]

Are smart guns the best way to prevent accidental shootings and ‘take away murders?’

At least a few gun companies think so. Smart guns are designed not to fire unless the gun owner is the one pulling the trigger.

Fortune took a look at the latest developments.

Gun companies like Armatix, Trigger Smart, and Intelligun are creating smart guns that operate on three basic systems, RFID, Biometric, and Grip Recognition.


While the idea of smart guns is okay, a number of practical questions immediately arise. For instance, what if you lose the watch or ring that controls your RFID weapon while struggling with a would-be mugger? What if you are incapacitated by a home invader and your spouse needs to use your weapon to defend themselves and your family? How will you pass down your family heirloom deer rifle if smart gun technology is mandated by law?

Many gun owners feel that smart guns are just another step towards gun control and that, in the future, smart gun technology will be mandatory on all weapons.

This negative response is so great that retailers selling smart guns refuse to give out their names and addresses for fear of threats against themselves and their families.

Every gun owner has a responsibility to keep his/her weapon out of the hands of children and criminals. Smart gun technology is another tool in the gun owner’s toolbox to ensure that happens, but there is no substitute for safely storing your guns and ammo and educating members of your household on gun safety.

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From 1999 to 2009, the number of unintentional fatalities involving firearms went down by 33%. Together, we can continue that trend and make smart guns an option rather than a mandate.

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Smart Guns are Just Going to Keep Getting Smarter [VIDEO]