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Smallest Fish Rescue Ever [VIDEO]

GoPro captures the footage of what might be the smallest fish rescue you’ve ever seen.

This bass seems to have literally bit off more than it can chew, and these two fish in desperate need of help luckily float right up to a fisherman who happened to have his GoPro recording.

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With a little pull here, and a little wiggle there, this good samaritan is able to free these two fish and release them back into the water. The bass just needs to keep in mind what might happen the next time he goes after a perch that size, because he will wind up with a mouthful…

When you come across incidences such as this when you’re in the outdoors, it’s our responsibility as sportsmen to do what we can to help out. This little fish rescue is good example of doing the right thing.

Well done, sir.

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Smallest Fish Rescue Ever [VIDEO]