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Small Texas University Doing Some Groundbreaking Deer Research [VIDEO]

Do deer prefer air conditioning?

In an extremely unique study, researchers at Texas A&M Kingsville are looking to determine what affect temperature has on deer size.

Based on the view that colder climate tends to produce larger deer than the hotter areas of the U.S., the study monitors the growth and development of fawns in two separate environments - air conditioned pens vs. non-climate controlled enclosures.

If the theory is correct, it could alter the way ranchers manage their properties and take care of their deer population.

So, which of the 17 fawns are eating more and growing faster? South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

At first glance, the study appears to support this theory.

The "cooler" fawns are more eager to drain their bottles at feedings, and do so on a steady daily basis. On the other hand, the "warmer" fawns eat in more intermittently and at times we, as hunters, are used to seeing - morning and evening.

As a result, researchers say they notice the air conditioned fawns are somewhat larger than their study-mates. 

While this is certainly groundbreaking deer research on a new and interesting topic, there isn't exactly a shortage of huge deer in warm southern states like Georgia and Florida.

Hopefully we will get to see how these little fawns turn out!

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Small Texas University Doing Some Groundbreaking Deer Research [VIDEO]