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Small Stream Fly Fishing in South Mountain State Park

Small stream fly fishing can offer some of the most rewarding opportunities, in the most beautiful places.

One thing I have noticed is most productive fish days require getting my clothes a little dirty. Some of my most memorable fishing trips have been hiking into smaller sections of water, where people seldom desire to go.

These trips normally end up with more fish than I can count and a huge smile on my face. It looks like Wildfly Productions experienced the same thing at South Mountain State Park. Check out a handful of trout and some picturesque scenery.

South Mountain State Park offers some of North Carolina’s most rugged backcountry. Some of this land reaches up to 3,000 feet in elevation! Other iconic features are an 80 foot waterfall, 40 miles of trails for hiking, and of course the mountain streams full of trout.

20 campsites are spread through out the park, making it a backpackers paradise. Add some fly fishing and one might consider them in heaven! If you do happen to have to bring the family along, they offer drive-up sights on the Jacob Fork River.

The small streams here are packed full of trout, but one must bring all their cards to the table. Wildfly Productions show us just how it’s done using a indicator rig. Indicators are highly recommended, especially if new to fishing small streams. This will help signify a trout has taken the fly, as well as keep the fly suspended at specified lengths.

Trout can be extra finicky sometimes, and even the slightest adjustment can make or break the bank. Be sure to also bring an assortment of different sized nymphs. I like to start at a size 12 and work my way into the 20s.

If the indicator rig doesn’t hit it off, always resort to the ever faithful wooly bugger!


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Small Stream Fly Fishing in South Mountain State Park