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Small Game Hunting Tactics for the Snow-Filled Months

When the snow falls, the tactics for small game hunting changes.

Here are tips to keep you successful on the hunt when the snow is on the ground.

Hunting in snow offers the small game hunter a great bag of tactics to select from while pursuing his game of choice, whether it may be small game or big game. In this article we will look at tips for maximizing your small game snow hunting experience.


Tracks in the snow! By far the very best asset to the hunter is that wildlife traveling over the surface of the snow will leave a story of its recent and not so recent past. Look for tracks that have clean crisp edges, lack of snow inside of the track, and lack of distortion due to melting.

The tracks will then be a fresh sign to track your elusive game animal of choice.


Rabbits! Rabbits travel on the surface of snow and under the snow. Stomp on snowy bush piles to get them to flush. This also works with game birds. I have heard of tales of pheasants sleeping under the snow, with just the tail feathers sticking out.

Snow is a great insulator and small game animals utilize it especially in inclement weather. For squirrels, look for tracks on the ground where they scurried from one tree to another in search of buried nut plunder. Remember that the woods are a very open place at this time of year, and squirrels have sharp eyesight. Camouflage yourself accordingly.

Venture Heated Clothing

If the snow is deep, strap on a pair of snowshoes and walk over the highest drifts. This will access areas that would be nearly impossible to do without them when the snow gets deep. You will also have more energy to travel farther.

You must have a sharp eye to pick out a fluffy squirrel tail in a tree, a black glaring eye of a rabbit, or the odd feather that may tip you off to a nearby animal's presence. Move slowly, take in the whole country and experience.

Slow and steady is the name of the game.

Union Sportsmen

Get out there and enjoy the snow and our small game seasons. It is quite a rush!

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Small Game Hunting Tactics for the Snow-Filled Months