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Small Business Saturday: What It Means for the Hunter and Angler

Today marks the annual reminder to keep things local and support your town’s small businesses, in what’s become known as Small Business Saturday.

As far as hunters and anglers are concerned, there are plenty of opportunities to utilize local shops, services and guides, perhaps more than most other industries. The outdoors world operates with a distinct need for know-how, experience and familiarity with one’s surroundings. That’s why guide services get paid the big bucks for helping hunters and fishermen find the game they’re looking for.

As a result, many homegrown businesses start with a passion for the outdoors, and stay local because it’s what they do and they do it well. You know, the bass expert who starts a family bait shop, or the ranch owner who leases out his land to duck hunters. These folks need our support, especially in the modern times we are experiencing right now.

You saw it all over the Internet, and even here on Wide Open Spaces: the Black Friday deals overtaking holiday shopping attention. It’s so easy when shipping is free, discounts are everywhere and gift money can be well-spent.

But really, the big box stores don’t need your patronage nearly as bad as the small taxidermist down the road, or the boat engine repairman who has worked your local dock for decades.

On this Small Business Saturday, don’t forget about the local businesses that keep your area’s outdoor industry running. Many of them are just like you, only trying to turn their love of hunting, fishing or shooting into a living, and support their families with their passion, their experience and their

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Small Business Saturday: What It Means for the Hunter and Angler