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These Slow Motion Trout Strikes Prove That Spring is Coming

Anytime slow motion trout are being featured, warm weather thoughts are not far behind. 

Redington just put together a great video showcasing some incredible slow motion trout taking down topwater flies. This video doesn't just showcase trout though. There is also a great example of how explosive topwater tarpon can be as well.

Spring is just around the corner and bugs will be hatching all over the place pretty soon. Get those dry flies dusted off and trimmed because it's almost that time of year!

Goodness gracious. It's hard to watch those takes and not feel some sort of muscle memory reflexes in my right arm trying to set the hook myself. Catching trout on the rise, or any fish for that matter on top, can be some of the most fun an angler can have on the water. However, when it comes to trout, it seems to be just a little more gratifying.

Hold tight everybody. Just a few more weeks of winter is all that we have left. Long summer days are just around the corner and hopefully some slow motion trout will be in your future.


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These Slow Motion Trout Strikes Prove That Spring is Coming