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Awesome Slow Motion Video of Topwater Bass Strikes [VIDEO]

There is nothing quite like a topwater bass strike, and this slow motion video proves it.

Imagine this:

You are carefully working a topwater lure along the shoreline of your favorite bass lake. The lure looks exactly like a hapless frog trying to swim to safety. Your muscles are tensed in anticipation for a possible strike…then the water suddenly explodes and you are fighting a big bass.

Excited yet? If not, you will be after you watch these topwater bass strikes in slow motion.

This video shows just how violently a largemouth bass strikes its prey. It happens so fast in real time, anglers sometimes forget the impressive display of topwater bass strikes.

Hopefully, you will see a lot of similar strikes when you target bass this fishing season!


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Awesome Slow Motion Video of Topwater Bass Strikes [VIDEO]