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Slow-Mo Tomahawk Throws Are Awesome [VIDEO]

Tim Kjellesvik

Enjoy a quarter-speed view from the POV of a tomahawk in flight.

In the outdoorsman's arsenal of tools, few rival the utility and cool factor of a tomahawk. Throwing one as a deadly weapon is the ultimate satisfaction. 

My buddy Randy throws tomahawks like none other and he's finally taught me enough to be dangerous.

After throwing one day, I started to wonder: "How cool would it be to mount a camera on a tomahawk handle and capture slow motion footage of it rotating and sticking into its target?"

The answer? Pretty cool.

Most of these shots were filmed at a quarter of the normal speed, which lowers the resolution but allows you to see almost everything as the weapon rotates.

At 0:55 in the video, if you pause it just right, you can see the shadow of the tomahawk with my Garmin Virb strapped to it.

Interested in learning how to throw a 'hawk? You can find some great ones for around $40 over at and learn the basics of throwing here.

Now I need to go check the deer hunting regulations to see if the tomahawk qualifies as an "alternative method."

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Slow-Mo Tomahawk Throws Are Awesome [VIDEO]