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Slovenian Man Connects With Nature in the Coolest Way [PICS]

All Images Courtesy of Daily Mail/UK

An artist in Slovenia has a unique way to connect with nature: precariously balancing rocks. 

Miha Brinovec, an artist from Slovenia, experiments with balancing different sized rocks to photograph them. He uses lots of math and geometry to make his art:

Mathematically, I have to find three points on each stone so it can stand still. But this is much more than just mathematics - it is a way of meditating and connecting with nature. When the connection is right the magic happens, gravity surrenders and the whole place becomes balanced and peaceful.

And the result is mysterious and beautiful.


Brinovec says that being in nature is calming and meditative. This form of natural art, he doesn't use any artificial adhesives or unnatural additions, makes him feel closer to nature.


These cairn rock piles are seen in random places throughout the Slovene wilderness.


Brinovec started making his sculptures three years ago when he lost his job as a commercialist for a logistics firm. It may have been a blessing in disguise.


Can you imagine if you stumbled on one of these works of art while hiking or fishing?


Makes me proud to be Slovene! Do you feel more balanced?

Now you have even more incentive to go visit Slovenia.


All images courtesy of Daily Mail/UK/Mercury Press

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Slovenian Man Connects With Nature in the Coolest Way [PICS]