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Slippery Rescue of Deer from Ontario’s Ice-Covered Stony Lake

Ice and deer definitely don’t mix. Watch as two brave souls come to the rescue of this stranded whitetail from the frozen water of Ontario’s Stony Lake.

Whitetail deer are sure-footed and capable when it comes to traversing most terrain. Their one weakness is the slippery surface of ice, where traction – and the simple act of standing up – is literally next to impossible.

Electricians Pete Rennie and Jay Wells were recently working at a resort cottage on the shores of Ontario’s Stony Lake when they spotted a deer stranded on the ice in distress. Deeming the conditions safe for venturing out onto, the duo put a rescue plan into place.

Although this down-on-her-luck deer seemed slightly unappreciative during the rescue due to fear, once off the ice she bounded happily away looking none the worse for wear.

It certainly is heart-warming to see the compassion and caring folk have for wildlife. Rescue attempts often come with risks, and we’re happy to see that this story had a happy ending for all involved.

Hats off to Pete and Jay. Job well done, fellas.


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Slippery Rescue of Deer from Ontario’s Ice-Covered Stony Lake