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Slip 2000: A Very Slippery Product [VIDEO]

Slip 2000, a gun lubricant, gets the job done and then some.

For the most part, I tend to be a little wary when it comes to innovation. When I find something that works I have a habit of hanging onto it like grim death until the bitter end. Heck, I’ve got shirts that I’ve limped along since high school and a hat that they’ll probably have to bury me in. While there’s nothing wrong with getting attached to things, on occasion a person needs to be open-minded and try something new.

This year at the SHOT Show I ran across a booth for a line of products called Slip 2000 Lubricants. Check out this video from Brownell’s and I’ll share some observations afterward.

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Now, I’m a big fan of good old Rem-Lube. I’d be willing to bet that if you did a little forensic analysis of the items I own, you’d find that there’s a little Rem-Lube on just about everything, from the guns to the furniture.

I wasn’t exactly looking for a new firearms lubricant down in Las Vegas, but the lady who ran the booth was so affable and so very willing to hand out free samples that I couldn’t exactly tell her no. I left Vegas with a number of tiny bottles of different varieties of Slip 2000 products and returned to Montana to try them out.

The first thing I noticed about the various Slip 2000 lubricants is that they don’t seem to freeze. Montana gets to be a pretty cold place in January — motor oil nearly solidifies around here and occasionally the diesel fuel turns to maple syrup — but the bottles of Slip 2000 I left sitting out on the porch stayed runny even when touching the little plastic bottles made your hands numb.

If you’re into chasing birds after general hunting season ends, Slip 2000 Gun Lube is the stuff for you.

Next, I started goofing around with Slip 2000’s Extreme Weapons Grease. This stuff is just plain creepy. Slip 2000 claims that their grease doesn’t attract dirt or dust. I figured this was pure bull; when you put grease near dirt you get greasy mud — that’s life, right?

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Extreme Weapons Grease isn’t what I’d pick to try and make some mud, though. This stuff only seems to like itself and steel. Is there such a thing as a xenophobic liquid?

The grease seems to just let particles of dirt slide through it and they’re dropped out on the other side. Like I said, it’s creepy. Cool, but creepy.

Finally, I tried out Slip 2000’s Extreme Weapons Lube. All I can say about this stuff is that if you put it on something you’d better be prepared for whatever it is to be slippery for a very long time.

This stuff lasts and lasts no matter how much powder residue you try to mix in with it. If you’re into AR rifles, which generate a lot of residue, then you’re going to love this goop.

Slip 2000 also has a whole line of cleaning products that I intend to try out. They’ve got one called Copper Cutter, which they claim will help get the lead out of my pistol barrels.

Normally, I’d consider this claim utter hyperbole, but who knows? They weren’t fibbing about their lubricants.

Maybe being a little more open-minded isn’t such a bad thing.


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Slip 2000: A Very Slippery Product [VIDEO]