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Modern Slingshot Hunting is Still Just as Cool

Slingshots have been used for centuries to put food on the table but modern slingshot hunting is just as cool as always.

They can still put the game down in this modern day.

Long gone are the days of yesteryear that a slingshot was only a forked tree branch with a piece of leather to launch a marble or smooth stone and powered by cut tire inner tube rubber bands. There are still purists who love to shoot the old school way, but slingshots have come a long way since then!

United States of Preppers


The modern slingshot with surgical tubular power bands can achieve powers that were unheard of in the old slingshot world. Wrist braces help direct your slingshot into the correct position and help control the more powerful bands.

Gander Mountain


Ammunition is often in the form of steel ball bearings manufactured directly for slingshot shooters. They shoot straight and hit harder than the rocks you may pick up or the really light marbles, the old favorite of the farm kids of the past.

Grady's Outdoors


The slingshot world also gets quite sophisticated in design of target and hunting slingshots to the maximum.

Pyramyd Air


Some slingshots can even shoot full sized hunting arrows!



When using slingshots as hunting weapons, first check your local game laws to make sure that it is indeed legal in your state to do so. As with any close-range hunting weapon, stealth is a must. Walk slowly, and quietly, and cover your face and hands so you will not flag game with your movements. Get close, really close. Make sure that during preseason you get plenty of practice, as practice makes perfect.

Have fun and enjoy the silence and the lack of loud gun noises!



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Modern Slingshot Hunting is Still Just as Cool