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This Slidefire Setup Will Make Your AR Feel Like a SAW

slidefire setup

The Slidefire setup shown in this video will make your AR-15 feel like a fully automatic SAW light machine gun.

Firing a fully automatic weapon is not something that all shooters have experienced. The process to own a fully automatic gun is expensive and not many civilians do it. However, a Slidefire stock for an AR-15 does a pretty good job of replicating fully automatic fire without actually being fully auto.

The Slidefire setup explained in the video below is a great combo to closely replicate that fully auto feeling all shooters crave. Most shooters have seen the Slidefire, or other bump action rifle stocks, in action on YouTube. They look like an absolute blast to shoot, as long as you have ammo to spare, and add an entirely new dimension to any AR-15 they are mounted on.

However, not every Slidefire setup produces great results. Check out the video below for a great Slidefire setup that will have your AR-15 feeling like a SAW LMG on the range.

The only problem with this Slidefire setup, and others like it, is how much fun it looks like it would be to shoot. Don’t expect to be heading home with a lot of extra ammo after a day on the range with one of these.

You might even find yourself making a few runs to the local gun shop for extra ammo!


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This Slidefire Setup Will Make Your AR Feel Like a SAW