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The Slide Fire SSAR-15:OGR Lets You Fire Full-Auto…Almost [VIDEO]

Slide Fire

The SSAR-15:OGR gun stock from Slide Fire allows you to get as close to fully automatic shooting as you can get without an expensive Class 3 license.

The SSAR-15:OGR is a type of stock for AR-15 rifles that uses the gun’s recoil and the shooter’s arm force to allow for increased firing speed.

Using this type of stock will closely recreate a fully automatic shooting experience. The best part about these type of stocks is that they are completely legal to buy and own without any fancy licenses.


If your AR-15 has a carbine style buffer tube, then the installation of the SSAR-15:OGR couldn’t be easier. All it takes is replacing your current stock.

Firing your AR-15 with one of these bad boys attached is simple to learn and easy to master. Even first time shooters have no problem controlling the increased fire rate that the Slide Fire SSAR-15:OGR allows.


If you decide to invest in one of these stocks from Slide Fire, you may also want to pick up some bigger magazines and more ammo. Once you experience it for the first time, you aren’t going to want to stop.

The Slide Fire SSAR-15:OGR retails for $299.95, but is currently on sale for $259.95 with a free 30 round magazine thrown in. You can learn more and order your own here.

Safe shooting.

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The Slide Fire SSAR-15:OGR Lets You Fire Full-Auto…Almost [VIDEO]